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Easy and healthy way to make yogurt

Easy and healthy way to make yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods ever produced because it is a creamy, delicious food that is also full of vital nutrients. When faced with issues like yoghurt turning bitter or watery, people frequently communicate factory-made yoghurt rather than making it at home.


  • However, store-bought yoghurt isn't a true substitute because it's loaded with unnatural sweeteners and additives like gelatin, cellulose, etc.

  •  and all the good stuff has been removed through processes like ultra-pasteurization. Why purchase an unhealthy version of this delicious food when you can make your own healthier, easier yoghurt at home?

  • Here is a different method of making yoghurt that is quick, simple, and produces thick, delicious yoghurt in under ten minutes, so you never have to choose unhealthy factory-made yoghurt once more.

The secret is choosing the right container; for this use, a pure clay, non-toxic, semi-porous container is ideal. Pure clay is unglazed natural clay, and as a result, pots made from it are porous or breathable by nature. This makes it possible for just the excess water to evaporate while keeping the liquid probiotics intact. a special characteristic that naturally makes your yoghurt thicker and silkier! Additionally, because it is 100 percent non-toxic, it does not leach like metal or ceramic pots.

Following these steps, you can prepare a nutritious and delectable yoghurt

Add milk to the pot, cover it, and heat it on medium heat until tiny bubbles appear on the surface. for a half gallon of milk, for 25–30 minutes Turn off the stove, lift the lid, and allow the surface to cool until you can place and hold your pinky there for five seconds (for thirty minutes). The milk is currently being prepared for culture addition.

Yogurt culture is added stirred and covered 3 minutes are required

Place inside the illuminated kitchen appliance requires two minutes

When it has been incubating for 6 to 8 hours, yoghurt is ready! In just a few hours, the yoghurt that is still in the pot thickens steadily.

Is it, however, healthier?

This method of making yoghurt results in no toxic or chemical interactions, and it doesn't lose any biological processes during heating. Yogurt is naturally creamy and thick, so straining is not necessary. There is also no need to add unhealthy artificial additives or sweeteners, unlike store-bought yoghurt, because it was made from pure clay anything barbecued in pure clay is incredibly delicious. just a dash of salt, a sprinkle of refined sugar, your choice of fruits, or perhaps a sprinkle of granola.


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